12 Jan 2013

The Case Against Xcode Plugins

Andrew Pontious covers with Wolf Rentzsch the logic behind why Apple won’t introduce a public Xcode plugin architecture. Plus: how Mike Lee solved the halting problem.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • The Nicholas Sparks of Objective-C
  • Now We Have to Erase the Episode
  • Real Artists Ship
  • Fast and Loose, Baby
  • You Can Stop Thinking About It, We’re Done
  • We’re Not Regimented, Here at Edge Cases University
  • Not GC, GCC
  • They Could Go Ahead and Fuck with It
  • They Control the Horizontal, They Control the Vertical
  • Apple Pulled the AppleScript Rug Out
  • I Should’ve Just Done the Bad Thing
  • They’re Going to Sting Us, It’s Their Nature
  • If I Were Letting You Talk, Which I’m Not
  • Something Drastic, Like Blackmail Scott Forstall
  • The Path of Obsolescence
  • I Find Nothing to Disagree With Here