05 Jan 2013

The Turing Frights

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about Microsoft’s research OS, Singularity, which breaks through the stagnation of current operatings systems with innovative use of static analysis, communication channel contracts, and more.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Now We’re Back, and Now We’ll Be Perfect
  • The Software That Runs the Software
  • The Microsoft-Is-Borg 90s
  • The Apple Singularity Does Not Fill Me with Any More Joy
  • A Poorly-Debugged Set of Device Drivers
  • People Have Given Up
  • We’ve Talked About Other Topics out of Our Ass
  • I Hope I Never Understand It
  • It’s Not a Runtime Thing
  • Oh, Java Will Never Die
  • Makes Communications a First Class Citizen
  • There Are No Address Spaces
  • I’m Not Entirely Convinced
  • Your Binary Has to Look Behaved
  • I Tend to Sauté My Pointers, Instead of Having Them Raw
  • When Your Little Binary Starts Executing
  • VMs As We Know Them
  • I Don’t Know If That Makes a Whole Lot of Sense to You
  • Thousand Cores on a Processor
  • A Hostile Code Environment
  • I Like This from an Ideological Perspective
  • Message Passing Seems to Be a Common Thread
  • Mach Messaging Is a Real Pain in the Butt
  • A Little Bit of Sandboxing Here, a Little Bit of Grand Central Dispatch There