08 Dec 2012

One Ring to Cocoa-Bind Them All

Andrew Pontious explores with Wolf Rentzsch key-value coding, key-value observing, and Cocoa Bindings: what’s interesting about them, and how they can be a stack of suck. And remember: holiday break till January!


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I’m All for Jumping Right In
  • Apple Even Has a Patent on It
  • Shut Up About Dot Syntax
  • Thunder Struct
  • Let’s Replace Your Object with Folgers Crystals
  • Everybody Wins, Everybody’s Happy
  • An Attractive Nuisance
  • Cocoa Bindings Are the Shiznit
  • Why Is This Table Acting Weird?
  • He Was Dumbfounded, He Was Flabbergasted
  • The Greatest Collection of Noobs That Apple Has Ever Seen
  • I Was Going to Go with the Fungus Analogy
  • KV O, My!
  • As You Go Higher, the Suck Gets Worse