02 Dec 2012

Squirting Code Across Address Spaces

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about mach_override (his project for dynamically overriding functions) and mach_inject (his project for cross-process code execution). You’ll never guess who uses them!


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Our Conversations Tend to be Lopsided
  • I Don’t Think Anyone Really Took Me Seriously
  • It’s All Garbage to Me
  • I Was in More Pain Than Probably a Lot of People
  • When I Jump into a vi Screen, I Turn off the Computer
  • A Bunch of People Did the Stone Soup Thing
  • Then What Are You Doing Talking to Me?
  • if That’s Your World, It’s Really Easy to Blow Your Stack
  • Badda Bing, Badda Boom
  • Tell That to Bundles
  • It Reads Like Insanity
  • “Work” Being a Relative Term
  • A Linux Personality, an OS/2 Personality
  • And That’s Not Going to Be Me
  • That Definitely Won’t Fly