24 Nov 2012

The Plumber's Guide to Blocks

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about blocks: their history, why they’re weird, and why Apple should have just gone ahead and made them an Objective-C API.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Carry the FU Torch
  • “You Speak German?” “Ja”
  • Instead of Writing a How-To I Wrote a Me-Too
  • I Do Not Volunteer to Write a Blog Post About It
  • Using the Word Block When You Don’t Mean Block
  • A Float, a Struct, and an Objective-C Object Pointer Walk into a Bar
  • In These Glorious Days of ARC
  • Comma YES, Comma NO, Comma YES, Comma NO
  • Beating Heart of C++
  • Beat Back the Lambda Menace
  • I’m with Wil Shipley on This
  • Trying to Rehabilitate C Itself
  • Well, That Was Wrong
  • I’m on the Siracusa Side
  • I Can’t Think of a Way That GCC Is Better
  • Blocks Are Weird, Man!
  • “I’m Gonna Have to Give Up the Dream, Aren’t I?” “Yeah”
  • I Don’t Think They’re Going to Do It, But I Think That Would Help
  • A Fine Coping Strategy, I Suppose