18 Nov 2012

Where mogenerator Really Picks It Up

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about his popular open source Core Data code generation tool, mogenerator. Plus: why Wolf may or may not be Batman.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Lost in the Batman References
  • Not Very Batman of Me - Maybe I Am Robin
  • I Hear That a Lot
  • mobettagenerator
  • Little Teenaged Nerdlets
  • Triggling
  • The Generation Gap
  • Where Xcode Really Falls Down
  • To Quote, I Guess, Pearl Jam
  • I Can’t Believe You Made Me Say That
  • Back Then, Kiddies, We Didn’t Have GitHub
  • A Shining Example of the Ship Early, Ship Often Mentality
  • Does That Weird Little Dance for You
  • Not Really Hurting for Template Tweaks
  • The Nice Thing About MOIDs
  • Installer Packages Are Evil
  • Prone to Breakage, Prone to Arbitrary Changes