10 Nov 2012

You Can't Run a Script to Test Feel

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about automated tests for Cocoa applications and the very particular times when he finds them useful. (Hint: not ongoing maintenance.)


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Just Spit It Out
  • We’re Going to Violently Agree, Again
  • Bam! Every Test Failed
  • Kent Beck Can Go off and Do That on His Time
  • Jamming Data Directly into Your Source Code
  • Real Programmers Do It Inline
  • As Tabular as You Can Get
  • That’s the Way I Do It, and That’s the Way I Recommend Doing It
  • Ever-Increasing List of Byzantine Steps
  • We Can’t All Be the Cool Kids
  • That’s What It Says in the Little Box
  • It’s the Lap of Luxury
  • Teststands Are Supergreat
  • Where Macro Technology Was in 1994
  • Exactly the Kind of Tests That I Find the Most Useless
  • Don’t Check for the Button