02 Nov 2012

We're Just Dot-J, Baby

Wolf Rentzsch enthuses (and Andrew Pontious mostly listens) about Cappuccino, an advanced Web framework for making desktop-class web applications, essentially “Cocoa for the Web”, with all the power and pitfalls that entails. Objective-J, anyone?


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I Always Mean the Technology
  • A Pile of Hyperlinks
  • Cocoa for the Web
  • Leave My Dead Neuron Here for Everyone to See
  • A Little Bit of Chutzpah There
  • Studlied Up Those Ivars
  • Don’t Tell Anyone I Said That
  • Motorola “Morbidity”?
  • This Instinctive Punch to the Gut
  • It Did Come Out, and It Will Never Come Out
  • Some Facts on the Ground
  • Shit, Let’s Just Do a GPL Episode
  • After the Monolith Swallowed Them Up
  • Derailed and Forked Itself
  • Bad Idea for Me to Try to Quote Sports Quotes
  • It Jits out My Code
  • The Naughty OR