20 Oct 2012

The Elevator Pitch for Design by Contract

Wolf Rentzsch uses a simple C function example with Andrew Pontious to demonstrate (in record time!) Bertrand Meyer’s Design by Contract, a cheap way to drastically improve your software quality. Could clang be the key to implementing it in Objective-C?


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Stick a Void in There
  • Totally Not a Hand-Holding Language
  • Have You Ever Seen the Orange Spine?
  • The Very Last Word of the Very Last Chapter
  • I Can’t Imagine Stroustrup Doing That
  • Discontentment Is a Major Part of My Philosophical Bedrock
  • Turned You into the Waldorf That You Are Today
  • The Years Spin By
  • Much Like Those K&R Arguments of Yore
  • That’s Your Metaphor?
  • Pull the Ripcord
  • If You Write Out Garbage
  • The User of Your Software Didn’t Sign the Contract
  • Checking Every Pixel That Goes By
  • Reams of Imperative Code
  • No One’s Been Sued to My Knowledge
  • I Just Dumped a Boatload of Information
  • Do You Use Anything in Anger?