13 Oct 2012

Nibs and Xibs and Storyboards, O My

Andrew Pontious explores with Wolf Rentzsch the history of resources on Mac OS, starting with resource forks and ResEdit and ending with the new “storyboard” file format, which receives a shocking thumbs up! Afterwards, Wolf thinks about diffing issues.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Hulk-Like Levels of Rage
  • You May Want to Sit Down for This
  • ResEdit, Man!
  • The Shipped Bits
  • Everybody Had Resources
  • Everything That Could Go Wrong for a Developer Format
  • The Unreadability of It and the Undiffability of It
  • I Have Not Used Them in Anger
  • I Have One Open Right Here
  • None of This Sort of Gobbledygook
  • Informative, Upbeat, Informative, Very Upbeat, Informative Talk
  • A SmallTalk Background, of All Things
  • If You’re Lucky, Pascal
  • When You Spit It Out
  • Then, of Course, the Diffing
  • Suicide, with Interface Builder
  • Textual Diff Hell That We’re In
  • “Mr. Closure”
  • Maybe I Should Go Lie Down