05 Oct 2012

When the Bits Hit the Platter

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about data encoding and file formats, such as C structs, NSKeyedArchiver, QuickTime, ASN.1, plists, and JSON, as a way to introduce his own new untyped binary format, Lich. Plus: way too much MacGyver.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Atoms All the Way Down
  • If It Ends in IFF
  • Little Developer ID Certificate Dance
  • Using Hash Attacks for Good
  • Nobody Does, Except Maybe You
  • Kinda Wish It Were More Plist-y
  • JSON++
  • There’s a Freaking ASCII 9 in There!
  • You Don’t Want Your Format to Be An Easy Attack Vector?
  • You Just Have to Fuzz Harder!
  • You Were MacGyver, You Were Bruce Willis
  • MacGyver Would Have Been a Big Fan of Fuzzing
  • Business in Front, Party in the Back
  • We’ve Gone from Fuzzing to Mullets
  • You Have a Lot More to Say, But It’s Just All About MacGyver