29 Sep 2012

The Tabs and Spaces of Outrageous Fortune

Andrew Pontious, with Wolf Rentzsch, asks the question developers ask when they have nothing else to talk about: tabs vs spaces? Also: braces styles, UniversalIndentGUI, and how Xcode handles indent levels.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • The Caramello Episode
  • One Really Painful Commit
  • If You Align Your Colons, You’re Hosed
  • If You Align Your Colons, You’re Hoseyed
  • Screw It, Spaces Forever
  • If You’re Doing the Slide
  • I’m Totally Against That
  • A Long-Time Tabs Man
  • Beaten Down, Beaten Down, Beaten Down
  • The “Aghh” Effect
  • Back in the Bad Old Days of Mac Programming