21 Sep 2012

In the Magical World of Threads

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about concurrency (with the emphasis on “con”), from the earliest Mac SMP machines to the latest software advances such as Actors.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • With the Emphasize on “Con”
  • I Do Not Put Dancing Bunny Suits on My Notes
  • So Then We Can Piss It Away Again
  • Even the Lowly iPhone
  • I Use “Modern” in Scare Quotes
  • Back in the Bad Old Days of Web Servers
  • I Can Deal with the Edge Cases
  • The Limits of Human Thought
  • 10,000 Balls at Once
  • Puts the Kernel in the Driver’s Seat
  • You Don’t Want to Write Thread Pool Crap Code
  • Dare I Say It, “Pollyanna-ish”
  • KVO Is Not Thread-Happy
  • Something That Human Minds Need to Do
  • By Popular, I Mean No One Uses Them
  • They’re So Explicit
  • I Want to Believe