15 Sep 2012

Port the Present into the Past

Wolf Rentzsch talks with Andrew Pontious about obsolescence. Do older machines really have to be cut off from the latest OS and application updates? Does higher-level software design (and open source data formats) help or hurt?


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Retweet Away to That Good Night
  • RAM Used to Be My Bottleneck
  • Confusing You With That Other Andrew
  • Core Data in a Jar
  • All This Dancing Around Doesn’t Come for Free
  • Throwing Themselves out of Four-Story Infinite Loop Windows
  • Long Story Short: I Agree with You
  • All Those Machines That Still Light Up and Work
  • Hoping x86 Would Die a Long Time Ago
  • Which Is Terrible, and No One Should Use It
  • If You’re Lucky, You Get V-Tables
  • The Original 128K Could Think About 4,000 Objects
  • The Bad Old Days of Binary Formats
  • Straining the Future Edge of Things