01 Mar 2014

Asset Catalogs

Andrew Pontious stumps Wolf Rentzsch not once, but repeatedly, by talking about asset catalogs, new in Xcode 5. But in turn he is stumped attempting to backport them to earlier OSes.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • “Is That the Xcode Thing?” “Yeah”
  • A Tale of Woe
  • Competing with Yourself
  • We’re Both Joneses in This Analogy
  • A Developer Tool Component and a Runtime Component
  • They Didn’t Like Different Things
  • IOS Kind of Screwed with That
  • We Don’t Have a Mike Ash Post About It Yet
  • Never Been Really Stellar at Launch Times
  • You Have to Do It in Code
  • I Remember It like It Was Yesterday
  • Designed by Someone Who Hates Xcode
  • People Bugging Apple for Some Time
  • Why Do We Have Groups and Files That Are Different in the Project Than They Are on Disk?
  • Entropy Creeps In
  • Chip in the Armor? Chink in the Armor?
  • And the Answer’s No, but OK, We’re Going to Talk About It Anyway
  • It’s All in the File System
  • Script Build Phrase
  • Might as Well Bash Your Head In
  • I Feel Like I’m Not Living Up to My Rep
  • They’re Just Incomprehensible Text Files
  • A Pretty Big Stickler for Build Warnings
  • What’s Not to Like?
  • Bad Hash Collision in My Brain
  • This Perfectly Good Plist Format
  • The User Interface Actually Kind of Baffles Me
  • This Is Something That Was Solved
  • I’m All for JSON
  • Not Even Webby
  • Good Job Stumping Me