23 Feb 2014

The Only Cool Thing About PDF

Wolf Rentzsch tries to keep up with Andrew “The Joneses” Pontious and introduces JRPDFLabel, his new…innovative project that allow you to use custom fonts in Interface Builder without having to bundle the entire font with your Mac app.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • A Lot of Extra Work for Something Not Very Interesting
  • Turtles All the Way Down
  • You Still Have Plenty of Surprises Left for Me, Wolf
  • Not as Cool as Dragging Entities into a Window
  • Really? The Kids Are Calling It That?
  • We Call Them Sorcerers
  • Reinventing NSControl
  • I Wouldn’t Call It a Monstrosity
  • “Can I Call It a Monstrosity?” “Sure!”
  • I Had Not Been Finished Expressing the Horror
  • This Is High-Quality Stuff
  • I’m Not a Lawyer, but That’s My Understanding
  • Oh, You’re Doomed, All Right
  • The Equivalent of Flash Cookies in Your PDF
  • It’s Not That Bad
  • The Quote-Unquote Simple Thing That I Really Wanted to Do
  • Andy’s Being a Great Guy
  • Your First Diabolical Idea?
  • Ohhh, I Know Where This Is Going…Oh God…
  • It’s Kind of Like Journaling
  • Did You Open It in Acrobat?
  • Or God Help You, Your Bots
  • Already Used to a Certain Amount of Pain
  • It’s Kinda Sketch
  • Including Yourself, but Now You’re Invisible
  • You Sound Pretty Self-Satisfied About That
  • You, Apparently, Want to Mess with It
  • Probably Not Very High Quality…At Least It’s Free
  • Did You Use “Wolf Dingbats”?
  • You Should Ignore All of This
  • Like a Big Stupid Head
  • Everyone Already Has Comic Sans
  • iOS Also Has a Studly PDF Rendering
  • I Have Too Much to Live For
  • Thanks for Showing Us Your Yaks, Wolf