15 Feb 2014

Xcode Templates

Andrew Pontious, with guest cohost Josh Johnson, talks about Xcode project and file templates.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Pulling a Siracusa
  • A Topic List a Mile Long
  • I Hid Our Cats Before I Started
  • I Guess It’s Not a Fair Question
  • A Whole Bunch of Other Crap in There
  • Only Localized in Japanese
  • A Regular Old Plist
  • Hey Everybody, Gather Round
  • An Odd Little Duckling
  • ‘Trunder’ or Possibly ‘Thunder’
  • Unlike Objective-C Itself
  • I Bet They Got Mocked Quite a Bit for That
  • So You No Longer Have That Stupid Organization Name
  • It Makes It Less Flexible
  • The Great Disaster That Was the Switch Between Xcode 3 and Xcode 4
  • I’m Glad That This Is the Topic