08 Feb 2014

ClickToFlash: Behind the Music

Wolf Rentzsch talks to Andrew Pontious about how he unexpectedly came to lead the popular and award-winning Safari plugin ClickToFlash, and how, after a wild ride, the project both ended and continued on.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Cofounder of Panic, Which Everyone Loves
  • When the URLs Burned up Your One-Forty
  • Flash Cookies Turn out to Be Really Strong Sauce
  • An Infinite Cookie
  • “You Really Love YouTube.” “I Wouldn’t Have Phrased It That Way…”
  • Gathering up Their Patches
  • GitHub Is Where Pull Requests Happen
  • “Are You Sure It Wasn’t You?” “I Am Batman!”
  • A Shadow Vigilante
  • One Point Oh Plus Rentzsch
  • At This Point You Should Cue the Foreboding Music
  • Our Lifelong Hate of Installer Technology
  • A Downward Spiral of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Unfortunately I Wasn’t That Evil Back Then
  • Just to Alleviate My Guilt
  • Settings, Advanced Settings, Privacy, Content Settings, Click to Play
  • I Basically Choked on This Pull Request
  • He Was Already off to the Races
  • Branded as a Flash Hater
  • I Had a Ton of Fun Doing It, and I’m Glad It’s Over
  • You Don’t Like Flash, Do You Like Green Lantern?