18 Jan 2014

Let's Try iCloud Syncing

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about the cool aspects and the frustrating aspects of Apple’s iCloud document syncing. Plus: Wolf disses HyperCard!


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • He Went On and On About Interface Builder
  • I Think I Was Actually Wrong
  • I Coulda Told ’Em
  • It Sounds Like Wolf Catnip…Wolfnip?
  • Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom
  • You Gotta Pay for Both, Boo Hoo
  • It Could Actually Be Foogleblarghyblargh
  • Xcode Does That for You, Which Is a Little Scary
  • The End of the Cool Stuff
  • Exercise for the Reader
  • I Love Using the Word Edge Cases
  • “My God, Apple, Stop Letting Us Do Our Own Thing!”
  • Closer to the Truth Than I’d Like to Admit
  • Unicode is Impossible, This Crazy Beast
  • Always Going to Be a Race Condition
  • We’ll Let It Be Impossible
  • Can Wrappers Be Called Leaky?
  • A Lot of Stuff Can Happen in a Second
  • You Can’t Leave Files Behind
  • A Total Hot Mess
  • Computer Science–Hard Stuff to Do
  • Ending on a Stupid Joke, We Can Do That