23 Nov 2013

Android Is Like Moving to France

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about taking the very first steps to try to develop for Android, including why he’s thinking about it, why companies like Eclipse even if he doesn’t, and why he had to turn to Stack Overflow almost immediately.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • Back to the Mac, and Not in a Good Way
  • Apple Will Keep Slipping Further and Further Behind
  • Apple’s Kind of Letting Us Down
  • Less Reason for Us to Stay…Monogamous?
  • Unsettling Connections
  • I’m Not Going to Make That Promise
  • Eclipse Makes Me Shudder
  • You Actually Took One for the Team
  • Something to Get Me Over That Hump
  • I Can’t Get a Damn Thing to Work
  • That Really Stumps a Lot of People
  • It’s Still Intensely Stupid, but At Least That Helps
  • Maybe for My Third or Fourth Episode about Learning Android
  • A Software Tooling Issue
  • Speaking As Mr. Mogenerator
  • It’s a Little Weird
  • At Least Three Problems That Stopped Me Dead
  • Wait a Minute, I Need That
  • I’d Better Go Off to the Internet
  • Right Now I’m Just Going to Role With It
  • Which Is Also a Fairly Horrible Name for Something
  • Very Non-Apple-y Way to Do Things
  • Giving Up on the Mac Look and Feel…Forever
  • I’ll Let You Talk in a Minute
  • WebOS Will Spoil You
  • All My Normal Friends Seem to Now Have Androids