13 Jul 2013

A Client of TestFlight

Andrew Pontious goes over with Wolf Rentzsch the basics of Apple’s code signing (or co-designing) infrastructure and how they help (or hinder) beta-testing distribution service TestFlight.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • We Should Definitely Not Spend a Lot of Time Talking About How We Don’t Have a Lot of Time
  • Every Step of It Seemed Broken in a Unique Way
  • Team Something Something
  • One Thing I’m Also Going to Complain About Here
  • This Long String of Letter and Numbers and Dashes
  • I Found That to Be a Great Big Pain in the Butt
  • A Whole Bunch of Users Out There Who Just Don’t Sync
  • Well, It’s Really Bad, For One
  • But Not That Much Information
  • Pretty Much a Solved Problem
  • Actually, a Giganto-Huge Button
  • Which Is, Y’know, Arrgh, Annoying
  • So Please Come Back to Here
  • I Never Risked That
  • Can’t Be Arsed to Use iTunes
  • Anything with the Word ‘Monetization’ in It Is Usually Not Good
  • Some Extra information They Jam into the Crash Dump
  • Trying Too Hard to Be High Level
  • I Had a Chip on My Shoulder
  • This Is How Most Programmers Approach Most Things
  • How Can I Move On, How Can I Move On
  • The Depths of My Belligerence
  • Every Single Code Injection Guy Was in That Session
  • That’s When You Want the Xcode Magic