01 Jun 2013

The iOS Version of Cocoa Bindings

Andrew Pontious talks with Wolf Rentzsch about the odd duck that is NSFetchedResultsController, as well as a bunch of Core Data issues, such as using SUBQUERY. Reminder: no podcast next week, due to WWDC.


Rejected Episode Titles:

  • I’m Trying to Avoid the Fluffier Episodes
  • There Has to Be a Marriage Involved
  • Our Deadly Feud About the Pronunciation of Core Data
  • I Love Me Some French People
  • I’m So Terrible at This, I’m Sorry
  • The Big Hash Table That’s My Mind
  • A Dangerous Dependency
  • You Threw Like Three Weird Metaphors at Me and Then You Ask Me If That’s Right!?
  • Uhh, Split Infinitive
  • The Text of the Magic Spell Thrown into Your Project
  • It’s Hard to Say Boilerplate Many Times Fast
  • Everybody Just Slunk Away Without Wanting to Say Any More
  • I Actually Was Going to Say Deplicable, Which Is a New Word
  • We Have Tables on Mac Apps Too
  • Apple Fell into Its Own Trap
  • Cocoa Bindings Will Be Ported to iOS When Hell Freezes Over
  • That Can Be Awkward
  • And Here is How You Use Subquery!
  • You Can Batch That Up Exactly as You Please
  • I Know the Guy, He’s a Bastard
  • The Stub Item Issue
  • Fetched vs. Fetch
  • It’s Biting Me Right Now
  • No Real Skin off Your Nose, Skin off Your Back, What?
  • Metaphors Are Just Crazy Today
  • Suddenly You Fall off the Cliff
  • That Is a Rich Vein
  • I Was Just Doing the Math Myself
  • It’s a Bunch of Bookkeeping